General Information

The Faculty of Ocean Studies was set up in August 2014 to play a key role in providing capacity building for both the public and the private sectors in Mauritius and in the region, in fields related to the ocean sector. This new Faculty has taken the challenge of supporting the country's initiatives to develop the ocean economy for the welfare of the citizens. The Faculty has partnered with several international institutions of high caliber, to provide training in the newly emerging sectors of the ocean economy. The University has a well structured Quality Assurance system which will ensure the standard and the quality of the programmes to be offered by the Faculty of Ocean Studies

Mission Statement

Creation and dissemination of knowledge in the Ocean Sector for the Republic of Mauritius and for the international community

The main mission of this Faculty will be the provision of trained manpower for the development of the Ocean Economy, conducting research of national interest in various aspects of the ocean sector, and provision of expert advice and consultancy services in relevant fields.


  • To train undergraduate and postgraduate and develop professional skills, in various aspects of ocean studies.
  • To conduct fundamental and applied research in topics relevant to the ocean sector.
  • To create synergies between public and private sector for all aspects of ocean knowledge.
  • To develop partnerships and collaborations with overseas universities, with regional and international ocean related agencies and ofessional bodies, and to tap into ocean studies training resource networks and services.
  • To organize and host national, regional and international conferences to enable exchange of scientific data, ideas, skills and technologies.
  • To create a central database for ocean data and information to facilitate technology transfer.
  • To provide support in the field of atmospheric, ocean and climate data analysis.
  • To provide short term training and support for technical proficiency in specific areas in ocean-related sectors.
  • To provide expert advice and consultancy services to the public sector, to industry and to civil society on issues related to the ocean.
  • To provide incubator facilities for pilot scale testing of innovative technologies related to the ocean sector.
  • Hub for the Indian Ocean
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