In Service Programmes/Training Courses

The Faculty has been offering short professional development (CPDs) courses in the field of Marine Science, Coastal Engineering and Cost & Benefit analysis of coastal structures, as part of the capacity building of the national project on Coastal Adaptation Programme. In the Academic year 2015/2016, the MSc Coastal and Ocean Management programme was offered on a part-time basis. In the forthcoming Academic Year 2016/2017, two Undergraduate programmes will be run on a full-time basis, the BSc (Hons) Marine Environmental Sciences and the BSc (Hons) Geomatics. One new postgraduate programme will also be offered on a part time basis namely the MSc Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Reduction given the high level of interest. A series of Continuous Professional Development courses will be offered and the Faculty will also be conducting workshops in the field of Aquaculture.

Overseas Students

The Faculty has been offering CPDs/Workshop in the Region since 2015.

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