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(Dr) D K Hurreeram

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Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering

Overview of the Faculty

The Faculty of Engineering was established in 1968 and was then named School of Industrial Technology. During the first decade of its existence, its main activities were to train students at certificate and diploma levels in line with the mission of a developmental university. The first engineering undergraduate courses were offered in 1978 and the first taught MSc courses in 1997. The first PhD was awarded in 1984.

The Faculty of Engineering is composed presently of six Departments serviced by 178 staff composed of 92 full-time academic staff, 50 technical staff and 36 administrative cadres.

The Faculty offers four-year undergraduate BEng.(Hons) programmes which satisfy the academic requirements of the Council of Registered Professional Engineers (Mauritius) for registration as Professional Engineers. In these engineering programmes, students have to undertake a mandatory 20-week industrial placement in their third year. The aim of the placement is to give the students appropriate exposure of the world of work. The Faculty also offers three-year BSc (Hons) programmes in the various fields of IT, ICT, Sustainable Product Design.

Two-year part-time MSc programmes are also offered mainly for working professionals who wish to upgrade their qualifications.

In addition, the Faculty offers a few technician level diplomas and certificates.

Over the last five years, the total number of taught programmes offered each year varied between 26 and 28 with 25% of them being at MSc level. In 2010/2011, there were 42 research students, including academic staff, enrolled in MPhil/PhD degrees. Total student population is approaching the 3000 mark

Mission Statement and Objectives

The mission of the Faculty is to provide high quality education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, to develop excellence in research, to foster industry/faculty partnerships and to contribute to the development and application of technology for the advancement and welfare of the community at large.

The objectives that have been set out to meet the University Strategic Directions are as follows:

  • To consolidate and strengthen undergraduate programmes by providing the necessary human and learning resources.
  • To continually review existing courses and devise new ones in order to meet the changing needs of industry and of the country at large.
  • To develop further the capacity for postgraduate studies and research
  • To ensure national and international recognition of our courses through an accreditation scheme with the relevant certifying bodies.
  • To promote professionalism and entrepreneurial skills amongst graduating students with a view to enhance employment opportunities.
  • To provide continuing education opportunities for professionals through the organisation of seminars/workshops and short courses.
  • To increase consultancy and research activities by stimulating more communication between the partners involved, namely, industry, government service and industrial organisations.
  • To diversify linkages with overseas universities.