General Information

The Faculty of Social Studies & Humanities was set up as a result of the restructuration of the School of Law, Management and Social Studies in 1992, with the aim to offer quality courses that respond to the socio-economic needs of the country. The Faculty now offers both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in diverse fields like Sociology, Psychology, History, Political Science, International Relations, English, French, Creole Studies, Statistics, Communication, Journalism and Actuarial Studies. The Faculty also offers programmes in collaboration with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and the Mauritius Institute of Education. In line with demands of work sector, our programmes now include work placement and field visit.


The Faculty comprises five Departments

  • Economics and Statistics
  • English Studies
  • French Studies
  • History and Political Science
  • Social Studies


Main Research Themes

Public Sector Economics and Public Policies, Ethics, Language Studies and Literature, Social Sciences, Identity, Acculturation, Slavery and Indenture



Student Population: 2039

Registered MPhil/PhD students: 26

Academic Staff: 68

Part-time Academic Staff: 61

Administrative, Support staff and Technical staff: 32


FSSH and MGI MPhil/PhD Awards


MPhil Awards

Cohort 2014/2015
1  Mr Rakesh Sharma GOOKOOLUK in the field of “Occupational Psychology”.

PhD Awards

Cohort 2014/2015
 1 Mrs Preeti Kiran HEMRAZ-HURDOYAL in the field of “Hindi Literature”
 2  Mr Kumarduth GOODARY in the field of “Mauritian Hindi Literature”
Cohort 2015/2016
1 Mr Muhammad Shameem OOZEERALLY in the field of “Language Studies”
2 Miss Sonalisingh RAMSOHOK in the field of “Experimental Economics and International Trade”
3 Mrs Marie-Hélène Yannick BOSQUET-BALLAH in the field of “Linguistique et Phonétique Générales”
4 Mrs Ratna SOOKLALL in the field of “Hindi Literature”
5 Mrs Sundhya Devi ANCHARAZ-NAWOSAH in the field of “Hindi Fiction”
6 Mrs Zibya ISSACK-BOLAH in the field of “Francophone Literature”
7 Mrs Nefertiti Outimsingh KALLEE in the field of “French Literature”
8 Mr Aveeraj Sharma PEEDOLY in the field of “Development Studies”
9 Mr Jacques Jonathan RAVAT in the field of “Anthropology of Religion”
10 Ms Sheilana Devi RAMDOO in the field of “Arts Education”


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