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Public Talk 

The Challenges of integrating ICT in Higher Education


Creating E-textbooks for Education


Dr. Manoj Maharaj,

 Professor, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Board member, NEMISA


Dr. Frank Rennie
Professor of Sustainable Rural Development,

University of the Highlands and islands, Scotland

Date     : 19 June 2018

Time     : 13:15 to 14:45

Venue  : 4th floor, CILL, The Core, Ebene branch, UOM

Organised by:

Centre for Innovative & Lifelong Learning  ( CILL )

Contact : Mr Asvin Bahadur,

Universities generate huge amounts of knowledge each year, but usually staff only publish in academic journals so a lot of information never gets to people who need it.

The research project done will be showcased to explain how a university can disseminate educational resources more widely and also enhance the reputation of both authors and the university.


Short Training Course

“Tackling Climate Change in Agriculture: Approaches to Adaptation and Climate Smart Agriculture in the SADC Region”

Opening Ceremony

Date     : 18 June 2018

Time     : 09h00

Venue  : R Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre, University of Mauritius

Organised by: Faculty of Agriculture in collaboration with Centre for Coordination of Agricultural Research and Development for Southern Africa (CCARDESA)

Contact : S.Hardowar  4037667



“Inventing your future. The next steps? ”-Innovation for the Education Sector (InnovEd)


Jacob Mendelssohn, STEMIE , USA

The objective of InnovEd is to promote innovative ideas and innovation among students.

Date     : 12 June 2018

Venue  : Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium

Organised by : National Productivity and Competitiveness Council (NPCC)

Interactive Science Talk 


Prof. Melanie Ziman, Associate Dean of Research,

School of Medical & Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University, Australia


Prof.Christos A. Ouzounis, Director of Research,


Date    : 14 June 2018

Time     : 10h30 to 12h00

Venue  : R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre (RBLT)

Organised by:  Biomaterials, Drug Delivery and Nanotechnology Unit,  CBBR and PRE Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, UoM

Contact :Dr A. Bhaw-Luximon  464 3781

                  Dr S. Baichoo 403 7762

Abstract:  1st talk by Prof. Ziman

Advances in Blood Based Biomarkers for Diagnosis, Prognosis and Monitoring of Patients with Melanoma and their Utilization in the Clinic

Showing how advances in the analysis of tumor DNA and cells can help provide an earlier, more accurate and overall better diagnosis and prognosis of melanoma. The talk will demonstrate how the studies conducted by Prof Ziman have paved the way to this breakthrough and what new possibilities it entails.


2nd talk by Prof Ouzounis

Developing computational biology – from comparative genomics to systems biomedicine

Bioinformatics are becoming increasingly important for molecular-level measurements. Thus, through omics technologies, these new realms will help bridge the gaps between natural sciences, advanced engineering and other usually heterogeneous aspects of biology. Previous research efforts by Prof Ouzounis will be looked at from this perspective and the future scope of the doable will be assessed


 Public Lecture

Jahaji-Bahin Feminism: A De-Colonial Praxis


Prof. Brinda Mehta, Mills College, California, USA

Date     : Tuesday 12 June 2018

Time     : 10:15-11:15 a.m

Venue  : RBLT

Organised by: The Department of English Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Mauritius

Contact :Mrs Sonia, ext. 7934

Abstract: This presentation examines the trope of jahaji-bahin feminism through a de-colonial feminist lens to highlight the ways in which Indo-Caribbean women claim a sense of identity and belonging in the Caribbean while resisting colonial and patriarchal stereotypes, social marginality and gender anomie in circumscribed spaces. The image of the ship as an inscribed marker of mobility and marginality is a primary marker of this feminist consciousness as it negotiates the complex spheres of social positionality, sexuality and labor. This feminism claims Indian-ness within a fractured sense of Caribbean-ness in bonds of what I call a “refracted reciprocity” to embrace interstitiality and an ex-centered negotiation of space. This off-centeredness characterizes the tenuous journey from India to the Caribbean on the ships of indenture and the history-making skills of the "mothers of indenture" who braved the kala pani in tenuous circumstances.

The precariousness of this positioning nevertheless takes root in the politics of naming foundin the Hindi/Urdu framing of jahaji-bahin, a culturally and geographically-specific ship-sister matrix that defines Indo-Caribbean women’s search for place and subjectivity in the less-than-hospitable lands of the New World diasporas. In other words, the jahaji-bahin or sisters of the boat forge a feminist tradition for themselves independently of the more normative jahaji-bhai or brotherhood of the boat narratives that have represented kala pani in uniquely masculinist terms. The women of indenture claim representation in Caribbean history on their own terms while forging a collective tradition of active labor production. Jahaji-bahin feminism thereby emerges from and characterizes a uniquely global South positionality in terms of language, historical experience and gender.



“Ecriture, histoire et justice: quatre auteurs haïtiennes”

Par Prof. Joëlle Vitiello, Macalester College, Etat-Unis

Date     : 08 juin 2018

Time     : 14h30

Venue  : Salle G2, NAC

Organisée par: Le département d’études françaises, faculté de sciences sociales et humaines, Université de Maurice.

Contact :Assoc Prof. K. Issur 4037942

Abstract: Les auteures haïtiennes du vingtième siècle ont souvent abordé des questions identitaires et sociales de façon courageuse dans leur écriture. Quatre romancières  contemporaines abordent l'histoire haïtienne récente : Marie-Célie Agnant, Jan J. Dominique, Kettly Mars, et Evelyne Trouillot. Leur façon d'aborder la question courageuse du choix de la justice ou de la réconciliation est différente et se traduit par des choix éthiques et esthétiques différents, que nous explorerons ensemble.




Theme: “A Sustainable Ocean for the Youth, by the Youth”


Date     : Fri 08 June 2018

Time     : 09:00 - 15:00                                    

Venue  :   Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorium


Chief Guest

The Hon. Premdut Koonjoo,
Minister of Ocean Economy, Marine
Resources, Fisheries and Shipping

Guest of Honour

Dr. Mitrasen Bhikajee, CSK


Organised by:


University of Mauritius

in collaboration with

The Ministry of Ocean Economy, Marine Resources, Fisheries and Shipping,

the Indian Ocean Commission,


Cyan Student Society UoM


Contact : Assoc Prof  Sabrina Dyall  4037514

                   Ms Deepeeka Kaullysing 4034013

See attached programme
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Public Lecture


“Object-Oriented Reading: The View from the Custom House”



Isabel Hofmeyr,

 Global Distinguished Professor, New York University (NYU)


Professor of African Literature, University of Witwatersrand


Date     : 07 June 2018

Time     : 14:30 to 15:30

Venue  : LT1


Organised by:

Dept of English Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities



Contact :Mrs Sonia Kotiah, 4037934,         

Abstract: Customs and Excise and their procedures can illuminate contemporary themes of recalibrating the human and non-human. The first part of the paper describes how officials in the Custom House went about their business. The second relates this material to debates on object-oriented ontology, while drawing out the literary implications of this material.
Public Relations Office

Launching Ceremony

Seeds for the Future Training Programme

Date   : 01 June 2018

Time     : 15.00 hrs to 17.00hrs

Venue  : R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre

Guest of Honour

Honorable Minister Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation ,

Honorable Mrs Leela Devi Dookun Luchoomun, Minister of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education &

His Excellency Sun Gongyi, Ambassador of Republic of China

Organised by:

University of Mauritius in collaboration with Huawei Technologies (Mauritius) Co. Ltd

Contact :Mrs S.Tribhon, 4037743,


“ Osteoarthritis and it's modern management, with focus on the lower limb.”

By: Dr Ashtin DOORGAKANT, MBBS, FRCS (Tr&Orth), Specialty Trainee Trauma &  Orthopaedics, Health Education NorthWest (Mersey), UK.

Date:     30 May 2018

Time    : 20:00 p.m

Venue  : R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre, University of Mauritius.

Organised by :  Dept of Medicine, UoM

Contact Person: Dr (Mrs) Meera MANRAJ, MD, PhD, email:



(i)“Quorum sensing and Quorum quenching in microbes” by Prof Rai, University of Mysore

(ii)“Anticancer activity of transition metal oxide nanoparticles and their peptide conjugates as on mammalian cancer cell lines” by Dr Aswathanarayan, University of Mysore

Date     : Thursday 31st May 2018

Time     : 10:30 am

Venue  : LT1

Organised by Centre for Biomedical and Biomaterials Research and the Department of Health Sciences, Faculty of Science

Contact: Vidushi Neergheen Bhujun,