Statutory provisions in the University Statutes 2013 with respect to Senate Meetings

Minutes of Proceedings (Open Area) - Intranet Access Only
Senate Membership

Prof D Jhurry, CSK Vice-Chancellor and Chairperson
Prof S K Sobhee Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academia)
Mr Devkumar Sing Callychurn Faculty of Engineering
Assoc Prof S Baichoo Dean, Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies
Mr Muzzammil Hosenally Faculty of Social Sciences and Humantities
Prof S Bhagwant Dean, Faculty of Science
Prof (Dr) A Carpooran, OSK Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Mr I Dassyne Chief Librarian
Mr Shane Hardowar Faculty of Agriculture
Mr R Hawabhay Chief Technical Officer, Ministry of Technology, Communication and Innovation
Assoc Prof D Hurreeram Dean, Faculty of Engineering
Mrs S R Issur-Goorah Registrar
Dr (Ms) F Khodabocus Director, Quality Assurance
Mr Raj Kishen Moloo Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies
Assoc Prof (Dr) G Napal Dean, Faculty of Law & Management
Dr S P Narrainen Senior Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
Dr Viv Padayatchy Managing Director, Cybernaptics Ltd
Assoc Prof D Puchooa Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
Mr Y V Ramdoyal President Student's Union
Assoc Prof Robin Nunkoo Faculty of Law and Management
Dr N U H Sookia Faculty of Science
Miss R Parthyneviko  Secretary
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