Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering (CEE)

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Welcome to the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Mauritius.

Chemical engineering is a discipline influencing several areas of technology. In our department besides the core chemical engineering, the programmes have been mounted to address two additional key pressing global concerns, namely the environment and energy, which provide numerous opportunities to the learned scholars in these specialized areas in integrating the knowledge acquired in developments across almost all economic sectors, an imperative need to ensure sustainable progress. The wideness and versatility of our programmes continue to open new opportunities for our graduates.

The department has a relatively young but energetic, hardworking and promising academic team who altogether communicates the essential knowledge and creates awareness on all levels to ensure buildup of an efficient needed work force in the said disciplines. The leading edge areas of research in the department include the wide-scoped environmental and energy engineering and management, process systems analysis, waste management, renewable energy technologies, biomass and biofuels, bioremediation, cleaner production, life cycle analysis, sustainable development, climate change and green chemistry. The academic team has a good track record of publications in the mentioned research areas while we also run international research networks and have published globally-commented books on specific themes. From this perspective, we are very proud of our track record of excellence in both teaching and research which leave us well positioned and committed to disseminate the best knowledge to our scholars.

I hope that you find the information from our website useful and get an overview and interest in our activities and programmes. Please feel free to contact any of our academic members for any further information – a short biography with their contact e-mail address are linked.

Dr Pratima Jeetah

Senior Lecturer & Head of Department