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Dear Students,

Warmest welcome on behalf of the Department of Management (DMGT).

DMGT is one of the three departments attached to the Faculty of Law and Management (FLM) at the University of Mauritius (UoM). The Department has been contributing substantially to the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Management for more than two decades. Accordingly, we have been playing an active role in the economical and societal development of Mauritius and the region. In the current era termed as the fourth industrial revolution, where the internal and external environment or organisations are evolving in complexity, it is essential to equip existing and future business administrators and leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge to maximise efficiency and effectiveness at micro, meso and macro levels. In that respect, the DMGT has a crucial role to play.

Currently we have a strong pool of 21 qualified full-time academics and a competent pool of part-time lecturers, who specialise in diverse areas of management such as marketing, operations, human resources, business analytics, entrepreneurship, strategy, ethics and international business. Please see our DMGT Academic Staff Profile for more information about our valued academics. Our students and alumni remain our most prized asset. We aspire to prepare our students for a good life, while ensuring that they have strong technical abilities.

We disseminate knowledge mainly through our undergraduate and postgraduate academic programmes. Undeniably our MBAs remain one of our flagship programmes, considered to be of high value to business administrators from various fields who aim to improve their managerial competencies. As part of the UoM mandate, we also offer several undergraduate programmes. Beside our general BSc (Hons) Management programme, we offer several specialised programmes in the areas of international business, marketing, human resources, finance, tourism, entrepreneurship and business informatics.

In line with a key role of the University of Mauritius which is to act as an engine of growth for the country by putting knowledge at the service of the nation (Scientia Salus Patriae), at the DMGT we are also actively engaged in the production of knowledge. Our research works aim to contribute to both to management theory and practice. The findings of our research are disseminated in the form of publications in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals, books and executive reports for policy makers among others. We also have a vibrant group of doctorate scholars working in diverse areas of management research such as tourism and hospitality, online marketing and quality management.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us!

Best wishes

Head of Department
Department of Management.