Research Areas


Research area/s

Assoc Prof (Dr) Sunilduth Baichoo

Biometrics, Computer Vision and Image processing Applications, GIS and Remote Sensing

Assoc Prof (Dr) Oveeyen Moonian

Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, IPV6, Context-Awareness, Bioinformatics.

Assoc. Prof. (Dr) Kavi Khedo

Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Context-Aware Computing, Internet of Things, Social Computing, ICT4D, Health Informatics

Dr Bikash Sonah


Dr (Mrs) Shakuntala Baichoo

Bioinformatics, Distributed computing and Big Data Analytics

Dr Narainsamy Pavaday

Biometrics,Predictive analytics, Simulation and Modeling, Security

Dr Razvi Doomun

Energy Efficient Computing, Security & Privacy in Computing

Dr (Mrs) Maleika Heenaye-Mamode Khan

Biometrics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Informatics, Medical Image Processing, Data Analytics, ICT4D

Dr Yasser Chuttur

Metadata, information representation and organization, digital libraries

Mr Raj Moloo

Mobile Learning, Elearning, Mobile Application Development,VoiP telephony, Freeswitch

Mr Sameer Pudaruth

ICT in Education, Software Engineering, Multimedia, Web Technologies

Mrs Sheeba Armoogum

IP network and Security, Mobile and Wireless Networking, Security, Telecommunication, Mobile Communication

Dr (Mrs) B. Gobin- Rahimbux

Intelligent Systems, Ontologies, Knowledge Engineering, Data Science & Analytics, Informatics,Big Data, ICT4D

Mr Jeeten Seetohul

Ethernet (Wired) Networks, Wireless Networks, Mobile Communications, Trust as a Security Mechanism in Pervasive Environments 

Mr Anwar Chutoo (on leave)


Mr Dassen Sathan

Mobile Computing/Ubiquitous Computing

Mrs Zahra Mungloo-Dilmohamud

Bioinformatics, Big Data Analytics and Web Technologies

Mrs Sudha Cheerkoot-Jalim

Context-Aware Computing, High Performance Computing, Databases

Mrs Begum Durgahee

Biomedical Informatics, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Semantic Computing, FCA

Mrs. Soulakshmee Nagowah

Mobile Computing, Context- Aware Computing, Software Engineering, Agile Software Development, Knowledge Engineering

Mrs Zarine Cadersaib

Enterprise systems, Application integration,  Data Science & Analytics, Informatics, ICT4D

Mr. Leckraj Nagowah

Internet of Things, Mobile Computing, Automated Software Testing, Software Engineering

Mr. Paramasiven Appavoo (on leave)


Mrs. Anuja Meetoo-Appavoo (on leave)

Context-awareness, mobile and ubiquitous computing and cloud computing.

Mr Selvanaden Gavin Sathan

Intelligent Systems

Mr Visham Hurbungs

Mobile Computing, Internet of Things, Software Engineering, Agile Practices and Principles

Mr Shehzad Jaunbuccus

Web Technologies, IPv6 adoption, Object Oriented programming. Mobile Computing

Mr Aatish Chiniah

IPv6 Adoption, Mobile Computing, Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Information Theory for Storage

Mrs Maheswaree Kissoon-Curumsing (on leave)

Software Engineering: Requirements engineering

Mrs Vidasha Ramnarain-Seetohul


Mr Roushdat Elaheebocus (on leave)

Web Technologies, Social Computing, Mobile Computing

Mr Somveer Kishnah

E-Learning Tools, Application of Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modelling, Emotional Computing, Ambient Intelligence, Smart City

Dr Oomesh Gukhool

Computational Transportation Engineering, Computational Intelligence, Simulation, System Dynamics

Dr (Mrs) Nuzhah Gooda Sahib-Kaudeer

Human Computer Interaction, User-centred Design, Inclusion and Accessibility, Information Retrieval

Dr (Miss) Anisah Ghoorah

Knowledge discovery in databases (KDD), Data Mining, Bioinformatics, Structural Bioinformatics, Protein-Protein Docking, Network analysis of human diseases

Dr Nitish Chooramun


Dr Avinsah Mungar

Computer Networks, MANET Networks, Wireless Network, Mobility, IPv6 Routing, IoT

Research Groups

Group Name


Health Informatics Research Group

Dr. K. Khedo, Dr. O. Moonian, Dr. (Mrs.) Shakuntala Baichoo, Mrs Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Mrs. S. Cheerkoot-Jalim, Mrs. S. Nagowah, Mrs. Z. Cadersaib, Mr. L. Nagowah

Bioinformatics Research Group

Dr. O. Moonian, Dr. (Mrs) Shakuntala Baichoo, Mrs Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Dr. A. Ghoorah, Dr. Y. Jaufeerally

Biometric Research Group

Mrs. M. Heenaye-Mamode Khan, Dr. (Mr.) S. Baichoo, Dr. N. Pavaday

ICT for Sustainable Development and Innovation (ICT4SDI)

Dr B. Gobin-Rahimbux (Chairperson), Dr M. Heenaye-MamodeKhan, Dr N. Gooda Sahib, Dr N. Chooramun, Mrs Z. Cadersaib, Mrs S. Cheerkoot-Jalim and Mr S. Kishhah

Remote Sensing and Big Data Analytics for Disaster

Dr (Mr) S. Baichoo, Dr K. K. Khedo, Dr (Mrs) Shakuntala Baichoo

Computer Networks Research Group

Mr. J. Seetohul, Dr A. Mungur, Mr. A. Chiniah, Mrs V. Ramnarain-Seetohul