On-going Research Projects

Project Title



Prof. Y. Jaufeerally-Fakim, Dr. O. Moonian, Dr. (Mrs.) S. Baichoo, Mrs. Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud

Plateforme Re-Source (EU Funded Project)

Dr. G. Somaroo, Dr. P.Jeetah, Mr. A.Mudhoo, Dr. O.Gukhool

Healthcare Information System (MRC) Dr. M.Santally, Dr. O.Gukhool
A Mass Media Comm. System using Mobile Voice Technology for Information Dissemination during Crisis Situation in Mauritius (MRC) Mr. R. Moloo (PI), Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) K. Khedo, Mr. A. Chiniah, Prof. T. V. Prabakar
A systematic identification and analysis of disease-related modules in the human protein-protein interaction network (MRC - URIGS) Dr. A. Ghoorah (PI), Dr. Shakuntala Baichoo, Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) O. Moonian, Mrs. Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Prof. Dr. Y. Jaufeerally-Fakim
Computational Analysis for Understanding Evolution of Infectious Diseases (MRC) Dr. Shakuntala Baichoo (PI), Mrs. Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Prof. Y. Jaufeerally-Fakim
Development of a framework for the setting up of secure biometric data storage in Mauritius Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) S. Baichoo, Dr. (Mrs) M. Heenaye- Mamode Khan, Dr. N. Pavaday, Mr P. Bissessur
Assessing Technology Acceptance in Mauritian SMEs Dr. (Mrs.) B. Gobin-Rahimbux (PI), Dr M. Heenaye-MamodeKhan, Dr N. Gooda Sahib, Mrs Z. Cadersaib
An ICT Architecture for Smart Towns in Mauritius Dr. (Mrs.) B. Gobin-Rahimbux (PI), Dr M. Heenaye-MamodeKhan, Dr N. Gooda Sahib, Mrs Z. Cadersaib, Dr N. Chooramun, Mrs S. Cheerkoot-Jalim, Mr S. Kishnah
Optimal Wireless Sensor Network Topologies for Urban Drainage Monitoring System in Smart Cities

Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) K. Khedo (PI), Assoc. Prof. (Dr) V. Proag, Mr H. Bhujun

Completed Research Projects

Project Title


A Secure Data Access Model for the Mauritian Healthcare Service, Funded by the Mauritius Research Council (MRC)

Assoc. Prof. O. Moonian (Principal Investigator), Assoc. Prof. Dr. K.Khedo, Dr. (Mrs.) S. Baichoo, R. Doomun, Mrs. S. Cheerkoot-Jalim, Mrs. S. D. Nagowah, Mrs. Z. Cadersaib, Mrs. A. Meetoo-Appavoo

A Study of Online Social Networks in Mauritius: Impact on Secondary Education, Funded by the Mauritius Research Council (MRC)

Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) K.Khedo (Principal Investigator), R. Elaheeboccus, R. Suntoo

Pose and Light Invariant Face & Ear Recognition System

Assoc. Prof. S.Baichoo (Principal Investigator), Dr. (Mrs.) S.Baichoo, R.Elaheeboccus

Building a biometric database of palmar and dorsal vein pattern

Mrs. M.Heenaye-Mamode Khan, Ms. B.Gobin, Mr. N. Pavaday

Analyzing Energy Consumption of Mobile Phones in Mauritius

Dr T. P. Fowdur, Mr V. Hurbungs, Dr V. Ramsurrun and Mr Y. Beeharry

Modelling and Simulation of an Inland Wireless Sensor Network System for Monitoring Seismic Activity

Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) K. Khedo (Principal Investigator), Dr Y. Bissessur

Setting up a Data Warehouse for Infectious Diseases

Dr. (Mrs.) S.Baichoo, Assoc. Prof. O.Moonian, Prof. Y.Jaufeerally-Fakim, Z.Mungloo-Dilmohamud

Assets Tracking System using RFID Technology, Funded by UoM

Assoc. Prof. Dr. K.Khedo (Principal Investigator), Mr D. Sathan, Mr R. Elaheebocus, Prof. R.K Subramanian, and Prof. S.D.D.V Rughooputh

A Sustainable Green Computing Framework for Clusters of ICT Equipment, Funded by UOM

Dr R. Doomun, Dr O. Gukhool

Implementation and Evaluation of ECNAS - Erasure Coded Network Attached Storage, Funded by UoM

Mr. A. Chiniah (Principal Investigator), Assoc. Prof. O. Moonian, Mr. S. Sathan

Support Framework to Optimize Access to Remote Bioinformatics Data, Funded by UoM

Assoc. Prof. O. Moonian (Principal Investigator), Dr. (Mrs) S. Baichoo, Mrs. Z. Mungloo-Dilmohamud, Dr. A. W. Ghoorah, Prof. Y. Jauferally-Fakim

Building a scalable Video Surveillance System for suspect behaviour

Assoc. Prof. (Dr.) S. Baichoo, Mr S. Pudaruth and Dr. (Mrs) M. Heenaye- Mamode Khan

Prototype implementation of a Marine Information System using Sensor Networks and Geographic Information Systems

Assoc Prof. (Dr. ) S. Baichoo, Assoc. Prof. (Dr) K. Khedo, Mrs S. Cheerkoot-Jalim