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Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) Africa survey


I write to you because of your affiliation to the University of Mauritius. The Global Young Academy (GYA) has just launched the Global State of Young Scientists (GloSYS) Africa survey.  The GloSYS project investigates the context in which early-career researchers today work, and the challenges and motivations that shape their career trajectories. For easy access, the study is linked here in English and in French.

The response to the survey has been great so far, however, participants at or from the University of Mauritius are under-represented. So we are working hard to improve this, and hope that you will kindly participate.

Any person who has completed a Master or PhD in the last 10 years is eligible to participate in the survey. We strongly encourage you to participate in the study and kindly request that you share it with your eligible colleagues, students and friends. The direct links are:



We will use the data obtained from this research to develop policy recommendations that highlight the ways in which young scientists can be better supported in their research efforts and career development.

So we are looking for researchers within and outside Academia in any discipline to share their experiences. You can personally contribute to improving the research environment in Africa by completing the short survey (in English or French) and by sharing the survey via your professional and social networks.

GloSYS is on Facebook and Twitter and you can help by sharing the survey there.       

Thank you for helping shape the future of science in Africa!


Matt Keane

Research Assistant – GloSYS Africa

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