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The University awarded Degrees of Doctor/ Master of Philosophy in different fields.

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The Dean’s Merit List recognizes and celebrates the academic excellence of our highest achieving undergraduate students.


Students/Graduates may avail themselves of employment opportunities provided by different companies.

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UoM Computer Club ranked second

"We are proud to announce that the team from the UoM Computer Club ranked second among other participating African Universities and institutions in the UNESCO AI Web Documentary Competition.

This competition aimed at encouraging African students to get interested to matters relating to AI by taking local initiatives. They were called to analyse the emergence of AI in their country.

The audiovisual production was realised by the UoM team in partnership with the MFDC under the theme " l'IA , C'est quoi(en Afrique)".

After the preliminary selection, the team's video was uploaded on UNESCO's youtube  channel

The web documentary titled" Fusion de la jeunesse mauricienne et de l'AI" was assessed on criterias such as public vote and the evaluation of the Jury panel.

It is a feat that the University of Mauritius has achieved."


A list of conferences organised by University of Mauritius:


HSBC/ Hong Kong University Asia Pacific Business Case Competition 2019.


Online GIS Solar Map for Mauritius, Rodrigues, and Agalega

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The University of Mauritius is committed to working in close partnership with its students in order to enhance all aspects of the student experience.


First UoM student to win the International Pageant Title

Students may avail themselves of the facilities of the various Schemes existing at the University, namely :





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