The University of Mauritius (UoM),  under the leadership of  Prof Indur Fagoonee, Vice Chancellor, has initiated the "Eco-Campus Initiative" to improve its environmental performance. This initiative aims at increasing the environmental awareness of staff and students and recognizes the opportunities that the University has to contribute towards sustainable development through education, research, and through interactions with the wider community.

The proposal of the University of Mauritius on "Improving Energy Efficiency on the University of Mauritius Campus" has been accepted as one of the projects to be supported under the "SEPS – “Sustainable Energy Project Support” project of the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy in Germany. The main objective of this SEPS cooperation project is to improve the energy efficiency of the campus through the installation of energy saving equipment. A second important objective is to raise awareness among the university population on energy efficiency and the possibilities of changing personal behaviour.

This website was developed by the following team members so as to help achieve the above  objectives:

Prof Toolseeram Ramjeawon (Project Coordinator)
Mr  Robert Ah King
Mrs Hema Aulum-Ramsurn
Mrs Gundeea Narrainen