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Welcome to the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies

Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital Technologies (FoICDT) has been set-up to essentially respond to the significant human resource needs, in terms of quantity and quality, of the country to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector the main pillar of the economy. One of the core tasks of the FoICDT is to provide high quality ICT education and training of international standards so as to increase the global competitiveness of Mauritius. A larger pool of highly qualified IT manpower in different field of specialization will help to promote new national and multinational IT companies in Mauritius.

The Faculty is expected to boost up opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders at both national and international levels. Moreover, the Faculty aims to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the ICT sector in a timely manner. Several areas for research and consultancy have been identified for each department based on current and expected future development. The Faculty is additionally fostering multi-disciplinary and cross-departmental research in a range of IT disciplines. While the activities of the Faculty will adhere to international standards, special attention will be given to problems of national interests.


To become a national and regional center of excellence for training, research, and consultancy in ICT.

Core Missions

  • Provide students with the highest quality education to increase their employability in the ICT sector and related fields

  • Inspire students to become entrepreneurs in ICT

  • Create and disseminate applied research in ICT

  • Engage in ICT related activities with the community

  • Achieve financial sustainability and autonomy.


  • Provide tertiary education and training in ICT to meet industry needs.

  • Maintain, through continuous review, a high standard of education and training in ICT.

  • Continuously develop and apply innovative Teaching & Learning techniques.

  • Deliver online modules/programmes to reach wider audience, locally and internationally.

  • Develop and deliver conversion courses that will address graduates lacking IT skills.

  • Engage in applied ICT research to support national and international needs.

  • Deliver postgraduate studies and support MPhil/PhD research in ICT.

  • Attract both local and international students to seek international recognition.

  • Engage in partnership activities with ICT industry and the Government for research and education and training.



Department of Digital Technologies (DT)

Welcome to the Digital Technologies (DT) Department! The DT Department is one of the three departments constituting the Faculty of Information, Communication and Digital technologies at the University of Mauritius.

Department of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

The ICT Department aims at providing an innovative and a creative future for the ICT graduates and postgraduates for them to be able to serve the growing needs of ICT sector for the benefit of society.

Department of Software and Information Systems (SIS)

If you are passionate about Business Systems, Enterprise Applications, Software Development, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Big Data, Information Systems, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and related topics, you have come to the right place.




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