External Collaboration - University Partners

The Faculty has established various partnership for research collaborations with many Universities worldwide.  The list below provides indication about the current collaborative works that are being undertaken.




Principal Investigator


Research collaboration agreement with Prof. Nicola Mulder from the University of Cape Town for informatics solutions for H3Africa (H3ABioNet Project)

Dr Shakun Baichoo


Research collaboration agreement with Prof. Timothy Rebbeck of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University (Cancer Genomics Research)

Dr Shakun Baichoo


Research collaboration agreement with Ecole Nationale Superieure de L'Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA), France in the context of "Deeptera Project", Deep Learning-based Mobile App for “In natura” Automatic Recognition of Blood-Sucking Dipters in the Context of the Surveillance of Vector-Borne Disease.

Dr Kavi. Khedo, Sudha. Cheerkoot-Jalim


Research collaboration with Neu-Ulm University Germany 

Dr Maleikka Heenaye- Mamode Khan


Research collaboration agreement with Middlesex University, UK for Research and MPhil/ PhD supervision

Dr Maleikka Heenaye- Mamode Khan


Research collaboration with University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, Vaud, Switzerland

Dr Maleikka Heenaye- Mamode Khan


Research collaboration with University of Massachusetts, MA, USA for Mobile Sensing and Ubiquitous Computing Lab (MOSAIC) with Professor Prashant Shenoy on a research project entitled Vehicular Internet of Things (IoT) System for High-Granularity Agile Air Quality Monitoring.

Dr Kavi Khedo


Research collaboration with International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), T/ICT4D Laboratory, Trieste, Italy for a Wireless Connectivity for African Islands research project funded by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Dr Kavi  Khedo


MoU with University of Reunion for Collaborative Research

Aatish Chinian


Research collaboration with Prof T V Prabhakar from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, IIT-Kanpur, India: for a research project for designing and implementing an AudioMOOC framework

Dr Kavi Khedo


Research collaboration with Professor Gordon Blair on InfoLab21, Distributed Systems Research Group, Lancaster University, UK

Dr Kavi Khedo


Research collaboration with Enterprise Systems Education for Africa under SAP University Alliances (SAP, Univerisity of Magdeburg GERMANY, University of Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA). Purpose: Capacity building on ERP for sub-saharan Africa. MoU.

Zarine Cadersaib


Research collaboration agreement with ETIS lab from University Paris-Seine (ENSEA, UCP, CNRS)

Leckraj Nagowah


Research collaboration agreement with Cybernaptics

Dr Sunilduth Baichoo

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