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Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

The Faculty of Social Studies and Humanities was created in 1992 in response to changing socio-economic needs of the community. In the past 20 years, the Faculty has increased, diversified and consolidated programmes of studies at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The programmes are both innovative and multi-disciplinary. The Faculty also runs programmes jointly with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and the Mauritius Institute of Education.

To become a vibrant, inclusive and dynamic vital institution in the field of Social Sciences & Humanities and support the UoM towards becoming a leading university in the region
Attract and nurture outstanding high caliber scholars in the social sciences through excellence and innovation in teaching and learning, research and knowledge exchange and dissemination.

Create, promote and disseminate knowledge in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities
Produce citizens who are critical thinkers with a global perspective, socially aware, ready to embrace challenges for the advancement of society

Aims and Objectives
Offer programmes that address the needs of the community, industry and government
Develop critical and leadership skills in partnership with stakeholders
Nurture an appreciation of society, culture, history, heritage, arts and languages

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Team spirit
  • Freedom of thought and expression
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Quality
  • Social Responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Service to the Community
  • Leadership
  • Respect and Dialogue among cultures\Equity and Fairness
  • Accountability and Transparency

Our Strength
  • A full-fledged Faculty offering undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil/PhD degree programmes in diverse fields of Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Enhanced capacity for teaching and research. More than 50% of our academic staff possess PhDs.
  • The Faculty has guided through its consultancy work, the policies and actions of the Government such as Policy on Family, Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity, Child and Family Violence amongst others.
  • Strong regional and international collaborations (e.g. African Economic Research Consortium (AERC, AUF/CNF).
  • Active engagement and participation of FSSH academics in the community.







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