Research Areas - Faculty of agriculture


Biotechnology of endemic & medicinal plants


Carbon sequestration & land use change


Conversion of wastes into fertilizers/compost


Disease-resistance genes in plant


Heavy metals in the Environment


Model-robust and model-sensitive designs


Molecular Epidemiology of food-borne bacteria


Molecular evolution of antibiotic-resistance genes


Molecular Genetics (Plant/Microbial)


Molecular Plant Pathology


Nutritional and management strategies, housing systems and manure-handling methods to reduce atmospheric emissions from livestock facilities


Optimal experimental designs for linear and non-linear models


Organic Farming


Phylogeny – DNA Sequence Analysis


Physiology of digestion in ruminants


Plant biodiversity and conservation


Plant Molecular Biology – DNA fingerprinting/characterisation


Plant Tissue Culture – micropropagation of endemic and ornamental plant species


Sequential design procedures


Sustainable Agriculture


Upgrading of low quality roughages


Application of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Strategy


Applications of Geotechnical Information Systems




Caching Architectures


Coding and Modulation


Communication Theory




Computational Intelligence




DC Free Balanced Codes


Digital Subscriber Line Technology


Distributed Systems and Middleware Technologies


Energy & Environment (including Renewables and Energy for Sustainable Development)


Energy Engineering (including Applied Thermodynamics/Applied Mechanics Applications)


Energy Management (Including Energy Efficiency, Policy and Planning and Intelligent Energy Systems)


Environmental Management


Error Code Corrections


Experimental & Theoretical Investigation of Surface Integrity Aspects of Non-Conventional Metal Machining Processes


Flexible Manufacturing Systems – Planning, Scheduling and Control


Geotechnical Engineering


Graphic Design, Interactive Multimedia Design, Online Learning, Graphical User Interface, Usability, Web Design, 2-D




Grid Computing




Hydrology & Water Resources


Image Processing


Intelligent Systems


Investigation of the Passivation Phenomena of Stainless Steel 316


Knowledge Based Systems




Lean Manufacturing Methods


Maintenance Engineering


Manufacturing Strategy Formulation and Auditing




Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing


Multimedia Systems


Multi-objective optimization of systems using Genetic Algorithms


Network Security


Operations Management




Petrinets for modelling and simulation


Power Systems


Project Management


Quality Management Systems


Quality Management Systems Implementation


Renewable energy


Solar Energy


Solid Waste Management


Statistical modeling & Drought predictions


Surface chemistry of polymers


Technical Textiles, e.g. biotextiles


Telemedical Applications


Ternary and Multi Level Line Codes


Textile composites with applications to fire safety


Total Quality Management for Engineering


Use of nanomaterials for improving textile performance


Vision Systems


Service Quality and Customer Care


Business Excellence


Change Management


Company Law


Corruption in Developing Economies


Costing & Management Accounting


Customer Relationship Management and Emarketing


Droit du Travail


Employee Relations


Environmental Marketing


Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility




Financial Econometrics


Gender in Organisations


Human Capital and Effectiveness


Human Resource Management


Intellectual Property Rights


International Business


International Humanitarian Law


Monetary Policy


Motivation and Effectiveness


Multinationals & EPZs


Organisation Development


Organisational Behaviour


Organisational Culture


Pay Determination in Organisation


Performance Management


Public Enterprises


Public Finance


Quality in Post-Secondary Education


Revenue Law


SME and Entrepreneurship


SMEs & Their Related Environment


SMEs and Entrepreneurship


Strategic Management & Marketing


Strategic Management and Marketing


Sustainable Tourism and Development




Anti-oxidant & Free Radical Research


Applications of RF and Microwave energy














Carcinogenesis and Pathogenesis of Non Communicable and Communicable Diseases


Cardiovascular Physics


Chemistry and Pharmacology of Medical Plant Extracts


Climate Change


Coastal Science


Communication Networks


Complex Systems


Computational Chemistry/Theoretical Chemistry


Computational Finance


Computational Fluid Dynamics


Computational Mathematics


Computational Statistics


Coronary Heart Disease, Type 2


Coupled Thermal – Electromagnetic Simulations


Crustacean Taxonomy and Biodiversity


Diabetes and Hypertension in Mauritius


Dynamical Systems




Ecotoxicology and Environmental Health




Environmental Health


Environmental Science




Freshwater and Marine Ecology


Functional Food Science


GIS & Remote Sensing


Image Analysis & Processing


Immunology and ageing


Infectious disease, modelling and forecasting


Inventory Models


Limnology & Wetlands


Machine, Statistical and Probilistic Learning


Mangrove Ecosystem


Mathematical Education


Mathematical Finance


Medical Biochemistry and Biochemical Pharmacology


Modelling and Simulation in the field of Finance, Bioscience and Environment


Molecular Biology and Genetics


Molecular Parasitology


Multiwavelength Astronomy


Natural Resources


Network Optimisation


Numerical Linear Algebra


Numerical Methods


Numerical Partial Differential Equations


Nutrition and Health Sciences


Nutritional Biochemistry


Oceanography/Marine Science


Operational Research


Organic Chemistry/Chemistry and Pharmacology of Marine Organisms


Organic Chemistry/Surfactant Chemistry derived from Natural Products


Organometallic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry


Photonic Crystals




Plant Physiology


Polymer Science/Material Science


Population Dynamics


Pulsar Astronomy


Radioastronomy: Data Processing; Tracking system & observations; New multiwavelength arrays; Image Processing;


Galactic Astronomy (Supernova Remnants, HII regions, ..) ; Extragalactic Astronomy (AGNs, Radio Galaxies, Quasars, …)


Renewable Energy


Scientific Computations


Scientific Visualisation


Solid State Physics


Statistical modelling and Analysis of Biomedical & Socio-economic data


Study of Positional Genes in Premature


Sustainable Development


Terrestrial Ecology


Theoretical and Computational Statistics


Linguistique de L’énonciation


American Studies


Contes, mythes et traditions populaires de l’Océan Indien


Creole studies


Cultural Studies


Cultural Studies - Popular Culture, Subcultures,


Cultural Studies / Popular Culture


Development Economics




Didactologie: langues, Littératures et cultures


Discourses on Islam, Heritage, Body Politics, Nation and Citizenship, Diasporic Identity Formations (Black Diaspora),


Cultural Geographies


Discourses on race and ethnicity


Education and Development


Environmental Economics


Ethnicity and Nationalism in Multiethnic/multicultural societies


Family Welfare and Child Wellbeing






Identity construction


Indian Literature in English


Interculturalités, indianités et créolités


International Economics and International Financial Markets


Language and Linguistics


Language and Society


Language in Education


Language in Education Issues


Language Policy and Language Planning


Language, Power and Ideology


Linguistics (French Studies)


Literature (French Studies)


Littérature mauricienne


Littératures francophones


Littératures francophones et comparées: Océan Indien/Caraïbe


Long Life Society and Social Security


Macroeconomic Policy


Managing Diversity – Peace and Conflict Resolution




Multiethnic U.S. Literatures


Multilinguism and multiculturalism


Music, Media/New Media, Cultures of Globalisation,


Oral cultures and oral pedagogy


Organisational Behaviour


Postmodernism / Poststructuralism


Public Finance


Second Language Acquisition


Teaching English in Multilingual Settings


Texts and discourse analysis


Travel Writing, Discourses on Nationalism, Feminisms

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