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Winning entries for the UNESCO World Engineering Day Hackathon 2023

Five engineering students from the University of Mauritius were announced as one of the winning entries for the UNESCO World Engineering Day Hackathon 2023. The global competition challenged students to come up with innovative solutions to real-world problems linked to Sustainable Development Goals 2 Zero Hunger3 Good Health and Well-being, and 6 Clean Water and Sanitation.

More info: https://mauritius.un.org/en/224259-world-water-day-2023


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Prix Jeunes Talents Afrique Subsaharienne - Bibi Nausheen Jaffur


It is our great pleasure to inform you that Ms Bibi Nausheen Jaffur, PhD student at the University of Mauritius under HEC scholarship and under the supervision of Associate Professor (Dr) Pratima Jeetah and Assoc Prof (Dr) Gopalakrishnan Kumar has been selected by the Jury of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Programme as one of the twenty recipients of the L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Endowments.

Intended for women doctoral and postdoctoral researchers working in a research laboratory or research institute or university, the Endowment will enable Ms Jaffur to continue her research in Environmental biotechnology and to showcase her work and achievements.

The grand award ceremony was held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on 1st December 2022 to celebrate the 2022 @Fondation L'Oréal-@UNESCO #ForWomenInScience Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Award. A celebration dedicated to recognizing female excellence in science in Sub-Saharan Africa, during which myself and nineteen other African scientists will proudly accept awards for our work and research and its impact across the continent

Thank you again to the @Fondation L'Oréal and @UNESCO and thank you to all those who are supporting her in her scientific career thus far!

Two University of Mauritius researchers recognized by Clarivate as world leading scientists in the "Highly Cited Researchers" list of 2022!

Two researchers from the University of Mauritius, Dr. Robin Nunkoo and Dr Rajesh Jeewon, have been recognized by Clarivate among the world most influential scholars in its "Highly Cited Researchers" list of 2022, for two consecutive years now (https://clarivate.com/highly-cited-researchers/).  

Each year, Clarivate™ identifies the world’s most influential researchers ─ the select few who have been most frequently cited by their peers over the last decade. This year, Clarivate has awarded Highly Cited Researcher 2022 designations to 6,938 researchers from across the globe who demonstrated significant influence in their chosen field or fields over the last decade. The list is truly global, spanning 69 countries or regions and spread across a diverse range of research fields in the sciences and social sciences.  Of the world’s scientist and social scientists, highly cited researchers are one in 1000, according to Clarivate. 

Dr. Nunkoo, who holds a PhD from the University of Waterloo, Canada, has been recognized as a highly cited researcher in the “Social Sciences” category.  He has research interests in political economy, sustainable tourism, informetric, and quantitative techniques. 

Dr Jeewon holds a PhD from the University of Hong Kong and has been ranked in the “Plant and Animal Science” discipline. He specializes in fungal taxonomy and biodiversity.

“This is our effort to contribute to the global recognition for the University of Mauritius and is not only a personal achievement, but also one for the country”, both said!

The Young Talent Prize for Sub-Saharan Africa L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science

Congratulations to Ms Yusra Bibi Ruhomally (PhD)

L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Fellowships 2022

Field: Mathematics

Training and Award Ceremony: From 27th November to 02nd December 2022, Abidjan – Ivory Coast

Sponsored by: L’Oreal Foundation

Ms Yusra Bibi Ruhomally has been awarded The Young Talent Prize for Sub-Saharan Africa L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science

Works under the supervision of Prof M Z Dauhoo and Prof L Dumas (L’Université de Versailles)

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